#Thank A Hero Campaign

Some Superheroes are Real!


Whilst in the midst of an emergency or crisis, it’s easy to forget to say a proper “Thank You” to first responders who come to your aid.  It’s never too late to express gratitude and appreciation.  We want to help with that...  Here are a few ways:

Tell us Your Story

In 2018, the Hero's Heart Foundation has launched "#ThankAHero" Campaign. This campaign will begin in 2018, and we are asking the public to submit stories of their experience with a True Hero who has touched their life. Starting in mid-2018, will be having draws for the best stories, and will then honour Your Hero with a special gift.

**You will have to ensure you have the permission from your Hero to post their name and story! We will NOT be giving out their contact information, nor their workplace name/location. 

































Just Say Thanks

The next time you notice a soldier, veteran, police officer, paramedic, health professional or firefighter in the community, offer a simple “Thank you for your service.” It is an easy but meaningful way you can demonstrate your respect and support for what they do for the community. 

Twitter: #ThankAHero

Do you have a personal hero who has made a real difference in your life?  Why not share the story via social media so that others can benefit?  It’s a great way to publicly recognize your hero and show your appreciation to an entire network of interested individuals.

Donate Now

First responders, by their very nature, think of others before themselves.  Why not acknowledge their sacrifice and contributions by making a donation to a charity that supports first responders.  A gift to one of these worthy causes can make a real difference in the lives of first responders and their families.  If you can’t make a financial donation, consider volunteering for the charitable organization.

Official Music Video for Thank You First Responder Organization entitled “A Day in the Life…” The music video shares “A Day in the Life” of five different First Responders and communicates the often neglected reality that First Responders are much more than the job responsibilities they perform.