Our Squadron Members

The Hero's Heart Foundation team members hail from diverse personal and professional backgrounds, but what unites us is the importance of fighting for a cause that's larger than ourselves. 

We are all volunteers, dedicating our time and skills to ensure the mission of the Foundation.

United We Stand, Together We Go Far!

Carla de Koning - President & Board Chair

Ken Doyle - Board Vice-Chair

Sophie Lafrenière - Treasurer

Scott Graham - Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

Amélie Cantin - Director, Planning & Governance

Kenneth Mokhele - Board Member

Dr. Arvind Mohandoss - Boar Member

Taranjeet Manchanda - Board Member

Thérèse Lamarche - Events Team Member

Bruce Landry - Community Events Specialist

Cathy Preece - Events Team Member

Céline Brant - Lead Graphic Designer

David Desjardins - HHF Ambassador

Tom Mercer - Events Team Member

Felipe Abs Bianchi - Photographer and Events Team Member

Lucas Abs Bianchi - Events Team Member

Viviane Berlim Bianchi - Events Team Member

Dana Trappitt - Events Team Member

Jennifer Dawes - Events Team Member

Olivia Sylvester - Events Team Member